Spring 2008, Volume 8, Number 2

from the editor
Melting Pots and Rainbows | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Fight the Good Food Fight | Mark Morton
view Mark Morton’s list of famous food fights

feast for the eye
Curiously Chocolate: April Banks | Nicole J. Caruth

Reading Parker | Wyn Cooper

The Food Music Pantheon: Louis, Louis, Louis, Fats, and Slim | Roy Blount, Jr

My Father’s Kitchen, Tel Aviv | Yossi Gutmann

family history
Roadtrip to Chinatown: Tasting Your Heritage, One Bite at a Time | Eve M. Tai

american icon
Simple Meals with M.F.K. Fisher | Joan Reardon

Terra Madre 2006: Political Theatre and Ritual Rhetoric in the Slow Food Movement | Adrian Peace
A Menu and a Mystery: The Case of the 1834 Delmonico Bill of Fare | Ellen F. Steinberg and Jack H. Prost

Reading a Plate | Nir Dudek

Economy, Gastronomy, and the Guilt of the Fancy Meal | Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft

Curating for the Community: Sigmund Balka at Krasdale Foods | Sarah Hack

Ceci n’est pas un papier académique | Yael Raviv

Is the Phoenix Kosher? | Allen S. Weiss

Chrissy Caviar | Jim Stark

chef’s page
An Interview with Brian Alberg, The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Massachusetts | Elizabeth Field

at the movies
Good Cob, Bad Cob | Bonnie Azab Powell

review essays
The Maccheroni Eaters | Jeremy Parzen
Locavore Literature | Susan Wiggins

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Happy 100th, Mary Frances!

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