Gastronomica is an international, interdisciplinary journal that focuses on critical studies of food. The journal publishes work that presents new and original research, advances our understanding of the pressing topics, theories, and methods in the world of food, and invites critical debate and commentary across diverse audiences. Submissions from all disciplines and perspectives are welcomed.

The journal prioritizes “translational” work that speaks to multiple audiences. The editor encourages clear writing and organization, with a minimum of specialized jargon.

The journal publishes articles based on original research and analysis, research briefs, critical commentaries and discussions, reviews of books and films, creative reflections, photo-essays, and interviews with key figures in the field. The journal will also consider occasional aesthetic pieces pertaining to food.

Articles should generally not exceed 8,000 words. Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with the author’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as a brief biographical statement, an abstract, and five to six keywords. Research articles to be considered for publication are refereed anonymously, so the author’s name should appear only on the cover sheet. Manuscripts must be prepared according to the Chicago Manual of Style, with double-spaced notes at the end of the text. References should be formatted according to the Chicago Style of (Author date, page) for in-text citations and a References Cited list following the end notes.

Queries are welcome. Address all editorial correspondence and submissions to or for Book Reviews.