Fall 2023, Volume 23 Number 3

Editorial Letter | Lisa Haushofer

Lessons from a Kangaroo | Kelly Donati

From a Hailstorm: Vines, Wines, and Factories in the Alto Piemonte | Daniel E. Bender

Things Left Behind | Nancy Sommers

Gourmet and the Ghetto: The “Foodification” of Rome’s Historic Jewish Quarter | Sean Wyer

Ancient Greenwashing: On Food Justice and Civilizations in the Supermarket | Chelsea Fisher and Clara Albacete

Confronting Sustainability: An Ethnography of Sustainability on Elite British Chefs | Jed Hilton


What Rats Reveal about Cooking in Late Medieval Japan | Eric C. Rath

Not Just Any Drupe | Jo Podvin

Being Butter | Jo Podvin

Early Jewish Cookbooks: Essays on Hungarian Jewish Gastronomical History by András Koerner, reviewed by Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus

Food Information, Communication and Education: Eating Knowledge, edited by Simona De Iulio and Susan Kovacs, reviewed by Lexi Earl

States of Subsistence: The Politics of Bread in Contemporary Jordan by José Ciro Martinez, reviewed by Katharina Graf

Anxious Eaters: Why We Fall for Fad Diets by Janet Chrzan and Kima Cargill, reviewed by Chad Lavin

Ingredients for Revolution: A History of American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes and Coffeehouses by Alex D. Ketchum, reviewed by Kristin Plys

Healing Grounds: Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming by Liz Carlisle, reviewed by Leslie Spencer