Podcast Dispatches from Vol. 21: What To Read Now with Kim Walker and Mark Nesbitt

For our fifth series of podcasts produced in collaboration with Meant to Be Eaten on Heritage Radio Network, we sit down (virtually) with authors who have contributed to our recently published second issue of 2021, featuring articles on topics including commensality and creative collaboration, the politics of food systems, and race and representation.

For this episode, our Reviews Editor Jaclyn Rohel and her Culinaria research colleague Janita Van Dyk introduce a new feature on recent and upcoming books in Food Studies, “What to Read Now.” This week Jackie and Janita are joined by Kim Walker and Mark Nesbitt, authors of Just the Tonic: A Natural History of Tonic Water (Kew Publishing, 2019; reviewed in Issue 21.1), to explore cinchona-infused sparkling water in the history of medicine, in cocktail cultures, and in the archives.