Winter 2013, Volume 13, Number 4

Winter 2013, Volume 13, Number 4

from the editor
Editor’s Letter | Melissa L. Caldwell

How the Presidents Ate Their Salmon | Catherine Schmitt
Field & Forrest—Thanksgiving | David Blair
A Taste of Home: A North Ossetian New Year’s Eve Feast | Jenny Holm

Daily Dose: Drinking Maté in Asunción, Paraguay | Heather Millman
The Kitchen God of Chinese Lore | Carolyn Phillips
Border Meals: Detention Center Feeding Practices, Migrant Subjectivity, and Questions on Trauma | Megan A. Carney
Sharing Through Thought and Food: The Vision of Monk Epiphanios of Mylopotamos of Mount Athos | Elizabeth Chatellier

At the Center of the Center of the New York Bagel | Matthew Gavin Frank
Pasta Pin | Lilah Hegnauer
Killing a Pig | Will McGrath
Peppers: A Voice-Over | Christopher Locke
Mama: What Goes Around Comes Around. The Food Chain | Idious Buguise

mysterious pleasures
Tossers’ Shifts | Chris Wiewiora
Mediterranean Food | Diane Gleason
French Press | Lilah Hegnauer
Sugar | Anca L. Szilágyi
The Secret of the Soup | Eric D. Lehman

just desserts
Lonely Pizzas | Shelly Errington

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Fall 2013, Volume 13, Number 3

Fall 2013, Volume 13, Number 3

from the editor
Editor’s Letter | Melissa L. Caldwell

Ten Years of Food Politics: An Interview with Marion Nestle | Kate Marshall

coming together
Learning to Cook | dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses | Justine Ickes
Hurfeish | Jake Young

kitchen confidential
A Kitchen of Her Own | Rose Moss
Seven Bald Men and a Kumquat Tree: Rob Connoley, Silver City’s Non-Native Son | Amy Gentry

Invisible West Africa: The Politics of Single Origin Chocolate | Kristy Leissle
Models of Food and Eating in the United Kingdom | Anne Murcott

notes from the field
The Real World in a Honey Bun | Jennifer Patico

new beginnings
The First Supper | R.J. Fox
Mi Paladar | Enrique Fernández
Within Me | Jake Young

after the elusive prey
The Morel? If at First You Don’t Succeed. An Oblong Love Story | Jimmy Schwartz
The Thrill of the Hunt | Meredith Bethune
The Lion Burger King | Brian Gersten
Nectarine | Barbara Crooker
Rhubarb, the Green Age | Kate Lebo

“Nine” | Katie Eisenberg
Communion | Michael Lawrence
Close Encounters of the Porcine Kind | Kaz Sussman
Feast and famine | Naomi Guttman
Supermarket blues | Naomi Guttman
Table d’hôte | Naomi Guttman
Putting by | Naomi Guttman

the bookshelf
Books in Review

just desserts
The Raw and the Processed | Shelly Errington

Cover: “Honeybuns, 2013,’’ © Andrew G. Baker

Summer 2013, Volume 13, Number 2

Summer 2013, Volume 13, Number 2

from the editor
Editor’s Letter | Melissa L. Caldwell

Does the Foodie have a Soul? | India Aurora Mandelkern

invitation to a feast
Come and Eat | Erica Cavanagh

Emily Dickinson Bakes Her Famous Coconut Cake | Emily K. Bright

celebrating family, friends, and traditions
Angel Food Cake: Just Heavenly! | Greg Patent

Dad’s Garden | Mary Lyn Koval

History in the Pot | Leigh Donaldson

Labouyi Bannann | Gina Athena Ulysse

Lemon Meringue | Kate Lebo

picnics by the sea
Clam Digging | Helen Labun Jordan

Tasting a Landscape: On the New Nordic Cuisine | Jared Demick

Rolling on the Beach | Sharon Hunt

Highway 1 | Jake Young

Can ideas about food inspire real social change? The case of Peruvian gastronomy | Judith E. Fan

Food Fight: Accusations of Press Agentry, a Case for Ethics and the Development of the Association of Food Journalists | Kimberly Voss and Lance Speere

love letters
Dearest Basil | Nicole McFadden

Of Pepperoni Rolls and Soup Beans: On What it Might Mean to Eat Like a West Virginian | Courtney Balestier

Exposition on Baking Baklava | Hillary Fogerty

BLT | Barbara Crooker

I Can’t Write a Poem About MCDonald’s | Barbara Crooker

love, anxiety, and loss
Take us off Solid Food for the Foreseeable Future: The Landscape of Food-Allergic America | Lawrence-Minh Bu` i Davis

Ina & Friends | Michael Lawrence

Foodies | Jean Ende

Papayas and Lemons | Juliet Wilson

Review Essay: What’s Growing on? | Jason Mark

The Discourses of Food in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction

The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food

Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil

Breaking Through Concrete: Building An Urban Farm Revival

just desserts
How to Love Yourself After Work | Shelly Errington

Cover: ©Alexander Maksimenko,

Spring 2013, Volume 13, Number 1

Spring 2013, Volume 13, Number 1

A Tribute to Gastronomica’s Founding Editor | Merry White

The Bengali Bonti | Chitrita Banerji

“GM or Death”: Food and Choice in Zambia | Christopher M. Annear

organized crime
The Egg Cream Racket | Andrew Coe

The Unbearable Lightness of Wartime Cuisine | Alma Marin

The Disappearance of Hunger in America | Patricia Allen

Can’t Stomach It: How Michael Pollan et al. Made Me Want to Eat Cheetos | Julie Guthman

A Short History of MSG: Good Science, Bad Science,and Taste Cultures | Jordan Sand
Feeding the City | Gregory Alexander Donofrio
Was the Taco Invented in Southern California? | Jeffrey M. Pilcher
Cheese Cultures: Transforming American Tastesand Traditions | Heather Paxson
“In Bacteria Land”: The Battle over Raw Milk | Anne Mendelson

Food Porn | Anne E. McBride

Winter 2012, Volume 12, Number 4

Winter 2012, Volume 12, Number 4

from the editor
A Lovely Ride | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Flesh and Blood | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
A 1939 World’s Fair Souvenir Plate | Shax Riegler

Calon Ségur 1945 | Michael Joyce

family history
Kieflies | Alison Kinney

Brighton Beach | Michael Friedman and Alexander Tochilovsky

history’s table
Marisa Mori’s Edible Futurist Breasts | Jennifer Griffiths

Journey by Bottle: Uncovering the Allure of Guyanese Cassareep | Darrin DuFord

local fare
Simit: Turkey’s National Bread | Alisa Roth

Slush on the Mizzentops, Butter in the Hold: Food on American Clipper Ships | Andrew Beahrs
Solider of the Fork: How Nathaniel Newnham-Davis Democratized Dining | Andrea Broomfield

A Kodava Wedding | Rohan Kamicheril

Reason Number Four | Margaret Lincoln

A Rat on the Plate: The Last Supper Window in Saint Mary’s Church, Warwick | Olivier Bauer

Sudado de Raya: An Ancient Peruvian Dish | Robert Bradley

the natural world
The Tradescants’ Culinary Treasures | Amy L. Tigner

literary lives
James Bond and the Art of Eating Eggs | Elizabeth Hale

personal history
On the Zampone Trail | John F. Carafoli

Melancholy and Mourning: Black Banquets and Funerary Feasts | Jane Levi

Bibimbap | Toby Binder

A Born-Again Hog Farmer | Barry Estabrook

chef’s page
An Interview with Praveen Anand, Dakshin, Chennai, India | Vijaysree Venkatraman

review essay
Food, Service, and Play in Restaurant Culture | Jennifer Burns Levin

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Deep-Fried Gadgets | Henry Hargreaves

Cover: Richard Paul, 100s&1000s, © 2009. Courtesy of Theodore:Art, New York.