Podcast Dispatches from Issue 20.4: Coline Ferrant

For our third series of podcasts produced in collaboration with Meant to Be Eaten on Heritage Radio Network, we sit down (virtually) with authors who contributed to our final issue of 2020, which continues to feature COVID-19 Dispatches, but also original research articles around the themes of “Working with Ingredients”, “Taste and Technology in East Asia”, “Excursions”, and “Dolce”.

For this episode, Collective Co-Chair Daniel Bender is joined by Coline Ferrant, whose article, “Food Desert or Food Oasis?: Insights from Mexican Chicago” (featured in Excursions), draws on interviews with Chicago residents of Mexican origin to examine the framework of food access and acquisition in “Mexican Chicago”, and to interrogate the linguistic implications of terms like “food deserts” and “food oases”.