Introducing our new Acquisitions team

Are you a food studies student or scholar looking to get published, but you don’t know where to start?

Gastronomica is proactively seeking to increase the representation of early career scholars and authors from under-represented backgrounds, encompassing ethnic, gender, and abilities diversity. We are also seeking scholarship that addresses food experiences from the Global South and marginalized, underrepresented communities.

As one of only few journals managed through an editorial collective, Gastronomica has created an Acquisitions Cluster within the larger collective that aims to expand Gastronomica’s ability to showcase the broadest possible spectrum of ideas and voices, bridge the divide between academic scholarship and public engagement, and appeal to a diverse readership. 

The Gastronomica Acquisitions Cluster seeks to address existing structural inequities in academic journals, which disproportionately affect women, scholars from marginalized, “minority” backgrounds, and those from the Global South who work in institutions outside North America and Europe. We engage authors at conferences and food-related events, and through direct communications. We also work with authors by providing constructive feedback before submission and through the review process (as needed). By doing so, we aim at strengthening Gastronomica’s place in the publishing landscape as a stimulating, accessible publication with fresh ideas, unusual perspectives, original formats, exceptional writing, a diverse authorship, and a fair and respectful review process.

The Acquisitions Cluster encourages authors to make themselves known to us. We want to  hear from potential authors, both from the scholarly and non-academic worlds, to help us continue to enrich and expand this exciting journal, and to give deserving writers a push in the right direction. 

Please visit the journal’s highline site for submission guidelines, or get in touch with one of the editors on the Acquisitions Cluster for more information:

Simone Cinotto, PhD (Associate Professor, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy); Email:

Melissa Fuster, PhD (Assistant Professor, City University of New York, Brooklyn College); Email:

Lisa Haushofer, PhD, MD (Postdoctoral Fellow, Culinaria Research Centre, University of Toronto); Email:

We look forward to hearing from you!