Winter 2014, Volume 14, Number 4

Winter 2014, Volume 14, Number 4

From the Editor
Editor’s Letter | Melissa L. Caldwell

Guest Editors Cristina Grasseni and Heather Paxson

Introducing a Special Issue on the Reinvention of Food: Connections and Mediations | Cristina Grasseni and Heather Paxson, with Jim Bingen, Amy J. Cohen, Susanne Freidberg, and Harry G. West

Authentic Anachronisms | Guntra A. Aistara

Eating Ursula | Brad Weiss

Defining Mexico’s Spirit | Sarah Bowen and Danny Hamrick

Re-localizing Milk and Cheese | Cristina Grasseni

Raw Milk, Raw Power: States of (Mis)Trust | Diana Mincyte

(Re)establishing the Normal | Yuson Jung

The GoodGuide to “Good” Coffee | Sarah Lyon

Resistance Is Fertile! | Anne Meneley

“Reinvention” Revisited | Peter Jackson


Comfort Food | Mary Morris

Think I’ll Go Eat a Worm | Amy Wright


Food and Social Media: You Are What You Tweet By Signe Rousseau, reviewed by Ryan S. Eanes

Waste Matters: New Perspectives on Food and Society Edited by David Evans, Hugh Campbell, and Anne Murcott, reviewed by David Boarder Giles

Eating Right in America: The Cultural Politics of Food and Health By Charlotte Biltekoff, reviewed by Helen Zoe Veit

The Kitchen as Laboratory: Reflections on the Science of Food and Cooking Edited by César Vega, Job Ubbnik, and Erik van der Linden, reviewed by Denisa Kera

The Philosophy of Food Edited by David M. Kaplan, reviewed by Kai Chen

Wines and Spirits, Foods of the World series By Alec Waugh, reviewed by Theresa Heacock

The Ethical Butcher: How Thoughtful Eating Can Change Your World By Berlin Reed, reviewed by Garrett M. Broad

The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and Community in New York City By Simone Cinotto, reviewed by Fabio Parasecoli