Fall 2013, Volume 13, Number 3

from the editor
Editor’s Letter | Melissa L. Caldwell

Ten Years of Food Politics: An Interview with Marion Nestle | Kate Marshall

coming together
Learning to Cook | dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses | Justine Ickes
Hurfeish | Jake Young

kitchen confidential
A Kitchen of Her Own | Rose Moss
Seven Bald Men and a Kumquat Tree: Rob Connoley, Silver City’s Non-Native Son | Amy Gentry

Invisible West Africa: The Politics of Single Origin Chocolate | Kristy Leissle
Models of Food and Eating in the United Kingdom | Anne Murcott

notes from the field
The Real World in a Honey Bun | Jennifer Patico

new beginnings
The First Supper | R.J. Fox
Mi Paladar | Enrique Fernández
Within Me | Jake Young

after the elusive prey
The Morel? If at First You Don’t Succeed. An Oblong Love Story | Jimmy Schwartz
The Thrill of the Hunt | Meredith Bethune
The Lion Burger King | Brian Gersten
Nectarine | Barbara Crooker
Rhubarb, the Green Age | Kate Lebo

“Nine” | Katie Eisenberg
Communion | Michael Lawrence
Close Encounters of the Porcine Kind | Kaz Sussman
Feast and famine | Naomi Guttman
Supermarket blues | Naomi Guttman
Table d’hôte | Naomi Guttman
Putting by | Naomi Guttman

the bookshelf
Books in Review

just desserts
The Raw and the Processed | Shelly Errington

Cover: “Honeybuns, 2013,’’ © Andrew G. Baker