Winter 2012, Volume 12, Number 4

from the editor
A Lovely Ride | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Flesh and Blood | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
A 1939 World’s Fair Souvenir Plate | Shax Riegler

Calon Ségur 1945 | Michael Joyce

family history
Kieflies | Alison Kinney

Brighton Beach | Michael Friedman and Alexander Tochilovsky

history’s table
Marisa Mori’s Edible Futurist Breasts | Jennifer Griffiths

Journey by Bottle: Uncovering the Allure of Guyanese Cassareep | Darrin DuFord

local fare
Simit: Turkey’s National Bread | Alisa Roth

Slush on the Mizzentops, Butter in the Hold: Food on American Clipper Ships | Andrew Beahrs
Solider of the Fork: How Nathaniel Newnham-Davis Democratized Dining | Andrea Broomfield

A Kodava Wedding | Rohan Kamicheril

Reason Number Four | Margaret Lincoln

A Rat on the Plate: The Last Supper Window in Saint Mary’s Church, Warwick | Olivier Bauer

Sudado de Raya: An Ancient Peruvian Dish | Robert Bradley

the natural world
The Tradescants’ Culinary Treasures | Amy L. Tigner

literary lives
James Bond and the Art of Eating Eggs | Elizabeth Hale

personal history
On the Zampone Trail | John F. Carafoli

Melancholy and Mourning: Black Banquets and Funerary Feasts | Jane Levi

Bibimbap | Toby Binder

A Born-Again Hog Farmer | Barry Estabrook

chef’s page
An Interview with Praveen Anand, Dakshin, Chennai, India | Vijaysree Venkatraman

review essay
Food, Service, and Play in Restaurant Culture | Jennifer Burns Levin

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Deep-Fried Gadgets | Henry Hargreaves

Cover: Richard Paul, 100s&1000s, © 2009. Courtesy of Theodore:Art, New York.

One thought on “Winter 2012, Volume 12, Number 4

  • Regarding Olivier Bauers article “A rat on the plate”

    When I was in Milan a few years ago I found a painting of The Last Supper also with a “rat” on the plate in front of Jesus. link: to my picture:

    It is in the San Maurizio Monastero Maggiore in Milan. I think some Luini painted this version and it is to be found on the same street as Da Vincis more famous Last supper.

    Do you know about this painting? Does it clarify anything on your analysis in the text from the article?

    Kind regards
    Magnus Olofsson, Stenungsund, Sweden

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