Fall 2012, Volume 12, Number 3

from the editor
Flavors of Ireland | Darra Goldstein

orts and scantlings
Eating by Numbers | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
Il Gusto: José de Ribera’s Personification of Taste | Lisa Vergara

Entomophagy | Rawaan Alkhatib

the hunt
Swimming with Spears | Tetsuhiko Endo

Eating the Hyphen | Lily Wong

Banking on Beach Plums | Les Garrick
Dishing It Out: Food Blogs and Post-Feminist Domesticity | Paula M. Salvio

local fare
Manioc: A Brazilian Chef Claims Her Roots | Sara B. Franklin

Tuesday Night Is Nut Loaf: Women’s Music-Festival Foods | Bonnie J. Morris

Regional Cooking | Constance Hardesty

Sharing mason jars | dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Eating Ukraine and Its Lard(er) | Katrina Kollegaeva

Beef Wellington | Nicholas Poluhoff

family history
Tooth for Tooth | Nicole J. Caruth

Fighting Sicilian Corruption, One Vine at a Time | Marie Doezema

You Are What You Eat | Mark Menjivar

Coney Island, Michigan | Christina Olson

working on the food chain
Kicking the Commodity Habit: On Being Grown Out of Place | Stephen Jones

Michel Guérard on French Cuisine | Barbara Santich

culinary history
Mrs. Fisher’s Cigarettes | John Martin Taylor

Swimming Upstream | Barry Estabrook

Industrialized Delicacies: The Rise of the Umbrian Truffle Business | Rengenier C. Rittersma

food play
Kitchen Hijinks | Alexander Feldman

chef’s page
Colombian Grace, Key West, Florida | Nancy Klingener

review essay
Child of Her Times | Jeannette Ferrary

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Delectable | Edward Bing Lee

Cover: Grant Cornett, Untitled © 2010.

2 thoughts on “Fall 2012, Volume 12, Number 3

  • The ‘Delectables’ by Edward Bing Lee are amazing!

    See this video of Bing and his knotting:

    His beautiful work far exceeds the brown-and-orange hang-me-in-a-planter macreme of the ’70s which denigrated the form.

    I wonder if he started with a Boy Scouut knot board …

    (The stunning last-page might benefit from a small-type reference or two)

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