Summer 2010, Volume 10, Number 3

from the editor
Reading Between the Lines | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Strange Fruit | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
Edible Landscapes: Song Dong’s Food Installations | Andrea Gyorody and Charles Changduk Kang

In the Kitchen with Auden | Eamon Grennan

A Fig by Any Other Name | Gary Paul Nabhan

Prescribing Pork in Israel | Ronit Vered

James Beard’s Early TV Work: A Report on Research | Dana Polan
Emmanuel Levinas and the Ontology of Eating | David Goldstein

A Journey into the Imaginary of Sicilian Pastry | Maria Tarantino and Sabina Terziani

history’s table
Piedad Yorba | Charles Perry

local fare
The Sweetshops of Kolkata | Michael Krondl

Reviving Red Snapper | Barry Estabrook

Trends in Food Photography: A Prop Stylist’s View | Francine Matalon-Degni

eating out
The Cabmen’s Cafes | Dawn Starin

Broccolini®: What’s in a Name? | Thomas Livingston

at the movies
Luc Moullet’s Food Lessons: Origins of a Meal | Sally Shafto

chef’s page
An Interview with Renè Redzepi: Noma, Copenhagen | Ursula Heinzelmann

review essays
The Kitchen on Canvas: Luis Melèndez and the Spanish Still Life | Gillian Riley
Eating Animals | Scott Korb

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Paddy Painting | Corky White

Cover: Matthew Zoll, Cherry Pitter, Oil on panel, 2004.