Summer 2007, Volume 7, Number 3

from the editor
Food Politics | Darra Goldstein and E. Melanie DuPuis

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Weighty Words | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
Vik Muniz’s Ten Ten’s Weed Necklace | Vanessa Silberman

Pomegranate | Meghan Adler

border crossings
Enemy Kitchen: An Interview with Michael Rakowitz | Liza Johnson

The Disappearance of Hunger in America | Patricia Allen

The American Farm | Jason Houston

the global market
The March of Empire: Mangos, Avocados, and the Politics of Transfer | Robert R. Alvarez

Angels and Vegetables: A Brief History of Food Advice in America | E. Melanie DuPuis
Kills a Body Twelve Ways: Bread Fear and the Politics of “What to Eat?” | Aaron Bobrow-Strain

Policing Pleasure: Food, Drugs, and the Politics of Ingestion | Craig Reinarman

photo essay
Tequila Shots | Marie Sarita Gaytán

Labor, Migration, and Social Justice in the Age of the Grape Boycott | Matthew Garcia

Can’t Stomach it: How Michael Pollan et al. Made Me Want to Eat Cheetos | Julie Guthman

Vertical Farming: An Interview with Dickson Despommier | Peter Platt

working on the food chain
Understanding Receptivity to Genetically Modified Foods | John T. Lang and Susanna Hornig Priest

Growing Resistance: Food, Culture and the Mo’ Better Foods Farmers’ Market | Alison Hope Alkon

Risky Food, Risky Lives: The 1977 Saccharin Rebellion | Carolyn de la Peña
“Saving” Soul Food | Kimberly Nettles

point of view
A Heretic in the Church of Food | Joseph Schultz

chef’s page
Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Portland, Oregon | Ken Forkish

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Happier Meal | Jocelan Hillton

Cover: Daniel Jackson, Pair, 2002. Oil on panel 13″ x 14″. Courtesy of Robert Desantis.