Winter 2007, Volume 7, Number 1

from the editor
Survival Cuisine | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

Obesity: “The Sixth Deadly Sin” | Ellen J. Fried and Elizabeth Williams

orts and scantlings
Cockeram’s Cookery | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
Monumentalizing Wheat: Soviet Dreams of Abundance | Diana Kurkovsky

From “Cellar Notes” | Edward Ragg

the media
Making Food History | Michele Field

Alkermes: “A Liqueur of Prodigious Strength” | Amy Butler Greenfield

Otto Horcher, Caterer to the Third Reich | Giles MacDonogh

Licking the Platter Clean | Reeni Fischer

Arctic Foodways and Contemporary Cuisine | Zona Spray Starks
Domesticating Cuisine: Food and Aesthetics on American Television | Krishnendu Ray

Foie Gras: As Seen from Southwest France | Jeanne Strang

Reflections on the Stuffed Cabbage | Allen S. Weiss

Roosevelt Roasters | Harley Spiller

In Grandma’s Fus Steps: The Jellied Calf’s Feet of My Youth | Michael Frishman

the global market
Waiting for a Cappuccino: A Brief Layover along the Spice Trail | Carolyn Thériault

local fare
A Time to Gather: Foraging with the Bedouins of Galilee | Abbie Rosner

chef’s page
An Interview with Catherine de Zagon Louy | Yng-Ru Chen

review essays
Gusto all’Inglese | Fred Plotkin
The Industry of Bees | J.H. Galloway
Three Perspectives on the French Culinary Scene | Beatrice Fink

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Crochet Stout | Rachael Matthews

Cover: Sardines in a tin, colored X-ray. The key (black) at center is used to open the tin. Sardines are a good source of vitamin A, protein and healthy fish oils. Gusto/ Photo Researchers, Inc. Photo Researchers Picture Number: SF4840