Summer 2002, Volume 2, Number 3

from the editor
Hunger Artists | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts & scantlings
Barbecue Mania | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
Philip Guston’s Poor Richard | Debra Bricker Balken

What I Learned from M.F.K Fisher About Living After 9/11 | Krishnendu Ray

Episode with a Potato | Eric Ormsby

the natural world
Behind the Bee’s Knees | Holley Bishop

Antieros | Tununa Mercado, translated by Peter Kahn; commentary by Maria Claudia André

Insensible Perspiration and Oily Vegetable Humor: An Eighteenth-Century Controversy over Vegetarianism | Ken Albala
Gender on a Plate: The Calibration of Identity in American Macrobiotics | Karlyn Crowley

Of Goose in Gascony: The Making of Confit in Centuries Past | Edward Schneider

Tokaji: Forever Amber | Miles Lambert-Gocs

the global market
The Banana Project | Doug Fishbone

Broth | Vicki Lindner

working on the food chain
The American Farmers Market | Lisa M. Hamilton

on the home front
Broken Bread | Kathryn Hibbert

chef’s Page
Tony Tan’s Cooking Classes, Melbourne, Australia | Tony Tan

French for Foodies | Margo Miller

East of Eden: Sin and Redemption at the Whole Foods Market | Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft

review essays
Social Settings | Susan Williams
When Readables Become Edibles | Beatrice Fink

the bookshelf
Books in Review

The Gourmand’s Lament | Caryl Avery

Cover: Meredith Allen, “Kalers Pond [Snoopy].” Courtesy of Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York.