Summer 2001, Volume 1, Number 3

from the editor
Something Provocative for Everyone | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Eggheads | Mark Morton

from the peanut gallery
Sophisticated | Leila Crawford

Coffee Escaping from a Cup | Rodney Greenblat

feast for the eye
Picasso’s El Bobo | Deborah Rothschild

My Life and Loaves | Andrew Whitley

The Cup of Coffee | Elizabeth Spires

working on the food chain
Crops, Genes, and Evolution | Adrianne Massey

food play
Vegetable Paper | Michelle Ticknor

Food for the Bawdy: Johann of Bockenheim’s Registrum Coquine | Luigi Ballerini
Food Patterns in Agrarian Societies: The Core-Fringe-Legume Hypothesis | Sidney W. Mintz and Daniela Schlettwein-Gsell
Professor Blot and The First French Cooking School in New York (Part 2) | Jan Longone

The Countess of Kent | Paula Panich

The Corkscrew | Stephen J. Gendzier

Port | Ray Isle

Hart’s Desire | Nichola Fletcher

dining in
Collapsible Table | Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir

chef’s page
Firebird | Ari Nieminen

The Land of Milk and Honey | Miri Zell Donati

spilled beans
Table Service | John Fischer

at the movies
Chocolat | Jim Stark

review essays
Why . . . the taste of sake? | John Kochevar

“A Honey of Roses:”
The Culture of Food in Shakespeare’s Day | Ilona Bell

the bookshelf
Books in Review

To Serve and Tease | Nero Blanc

Cover: Al Hansen, “Eyes Momma” (1987). Collection of Flaminio Gaggioni.
Courtesy of Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York.